At the beginning of this year, 2023, Germinar partnered with Acción Andina to execute the Project in Tucumán, which consists of social work with the communities living in the hills, multiplying and planting native high-altitude trees in the Tucumán hills. Our province is unique in having many communities located along the western mountain range, in the Sierras del Aconquija and the Calchaquíes Peaks. In this first stage, the project has been working with the support of five communities: Mala Mala, Anfama, Chasquivil, San José de Chasquivil, and Ancajuli.

Restoration Leaders

Claudio Graña

Germinar Project Coordinator

Claudio Graña, Agronomist, graduated from the National University of Tucumán. With extensive experience in the management and multiplication of native trees in the Tucuman Yungas. Advisor for El Requipe SRL, a company dedicated to the multiplication of native and forest trees, with its own seed bank. President of Germinar S.A.S.; Former Director of the Environment and Advisor for Urban Trees and the Yerba Buena Municipality Nursery in the Province of Tucumán (2018-2023).


Alejandrina Novillo

Germinar Administrative Secretary

Alejandrina is a lawyer specializing in public law and a lecturer at the Faculty of Law at the National University of Tucumán. She operates independently in her law firm. Currently, she is responsible for various administrative matters, the preparation of reports, and the promotion of the Project on social media. She is the trusted individual for the diverse projects we undertake with Germinar. Given the nature of our project, the various communities involved, and the extensive travel I must undertake each week in my role as Coordinator, Alejandrina’s role is indispensable.

Mario Gutierrez

Germinar Community Coordinator

Mario, from the Chasquivil Community, has been committed to the project since its inception. He currently serves as the Deputy Chief or Subdelegate of his community and accompanies me on every field visit. Additionally, he assists in organizing each meeting with the communities. He is an essential link between the project and the communities, and he works diligently in seed collection and nursery establishment.

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