CONAF, Chile’s National Forestry Corporation, was created in 1973 with the objective of “contributing to the conservation, increased management, and use of the country’s forest reserves”. Its mission embraces the conservation of biological diversity through the National System of Protected Wild Areas for the benefit of society. CONAF contributes to the sustainable management of native forests, including xerophytic species — that can grow in environments with very little water – as well as forest plantations through oversight of forestry legislation and environmental protection.

As an Acción Andina partner, CONAF works in the Arica and Parinacota region as well as in the Tarapacá region, reforesting native Polylepis species.

Restoration Leaders

Juan Ignacio Boudon

CONAF Regional Director; Acción Andina Project Leader – Tarapacá

Juan Ignacio is a business and tourism management engineer, with a postgraduate degree in sustainable tourism. He has dedicated his career to the development and management of protected wild areas in Chile, working with local indigenous communities that have a close connection with the flora and fauna of these conservation areas. He simultaneously focuses on the protection of the cultural heritage associated with these territories. In addition to his work at CONAF, he is currently a member of the board of the Fundación Geoglifos de Tarapacá, a non-governmental organization that promotes the conservation, dissemination, and research of the geoglyphs of northern Chile.



We’re currently developing a high-resolution, satellite-based mapping platform with It will provide a bird’s eye view of of our projects, showing existing forest, reforestation sites, and nurseries while presenting relevant information about these areas. Information is currently in beta.

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