Fundación Bosques & Vida

The Bosques & Vida Foundation is a private non-profit organization that was created with the purpose of recovering, maintaining and conserving the native forests of the Andes. We work through Reforestation, thus slowing down the serious process of desertification and erosion suffered by the ecosystems and recovering and improving the exceptional Andean Environmental and Cultural Heritage.

Together with the communities, increase the native forests of the Chilean Andes, generating local employment and active conservation of resources, involving society in the recovery of its forests, wetlands and heritage. Our restoration actions bring socio-environmental benefits to the territories.  

Restoration Leaders

Juan Ignacio Boudon

Fundación Bosques & Vida Director

Juan Ignacio is a business and tourism management engineer, with a postgraduate degree in sustainable tourism. He has dedicated his career to the development and management of protected wild areas in Chile, working with local indigenous communities that have a close connection with the flora and fauna of these conservation areas. He simultaneously focuses on the protection of the cultural heritage associated with these territories. In addition to his work at CONAF, he is currently a member of the board of the Fundación Geoglifos de Tarapacá, a non-governmental organization that promotes the conservation, dissemination, and research of the geoglyphs of northern Chile.

Carlos Nassar

Fundación Bosques & Vida Secretary

Carlos Nassar San Martín, for 41 years worked on conservation projects in CONAF When Nassar arrived in Arica from Nueva Imperial, CONAF’s offices were in Maipú on the corner of Colón.  From there he began his journey to the altiplano where he started as a park ranger and later held various positions in the administration of Lauca National Park and all the protected areas of what was then the Tarapacá region.

Harold Perry

Fundación Bosques & Vida Treasurer

Harold Perry Quiñones, founder of Gestión Universitaria S.p.A., has more than 40 years of experience working in the coordination, realization and production of events related especially to the area of Energy and Environment. His management has always been closely linked to the ministries involved in these matters, to the most important private entities and to the most emblematic educational institutions, being recognized and awarded on countless occasions for facilitating and building bridges of communication between public and private entities.



We’re currently developing a high-resolution, satellite-based mapping platform with It will provide a bird’s eye view of of our projects, showing existing forest, reforestation sites, and nurseries while presenting relevant information about these areas. Information is currently in beta.

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