Fundación Incana

Starting this 2024-25 season, Fundación Incana will focus on the conservation and restoration of the Tungurahua landscape. Goals include the production and planting of 100,000 native trees, supported by technicians and nursery workers, and the expansion of the Yatzaputzan forest nursery in Ambato to increase its production capacity. Conservation agreements will be signed with several Drinking Water Boards and local communities, and the drinking water system in the La Esperanza community and the Nueva Vida Water Board will be improved, along with the delivery of bio-gardens to Shaushi users.

The project will also involve the evaluation of plots planted in previous years, the installation of new plots in 2024, the mapping of reforested areas, and the fencing of new reforestations. Additionally, workshops will be held on the importance of ecological restoration in the páramo ecosystem, targeting educational units, parish GADs, and organizations near the area of influence. This collective effort aims to strengthen landscape resilience and local communities against climate change.

Restoration Leaders

Gerardo Nicola Garces

Fundación Incana Project Coordinator

Engineer specialized in water resources management and PhD in Hydrological Sciences from the Polytechnic University of Saint Petersburg. Director of the Quimiag irrigation system, Manager of the Municipal Drinking Water Company of Ambato, National Director of Solid Waste Management with the Association of Municipalities of Ecuador; Technical Secretary of the Tungurahua Paramo Fund, Consultant in water resources management.

Iván López Padilla

Fundación Incana Project Technician

Forestry engineer from the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo. Technician of the Tungurahua Paramo Fund; environmental technician of the Management Plan of the Union of Peasant Organizations of Northern Tungurahua. Promoter of the Pastaza Foundation.

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