Fundación Bosquizar

The members of the “Fundación Bosquizar” have been working since 1998 to improve reforestation skills. Among others, Fundación Bosquizar members were the ones who partially reforested, managed and maintained the “Refugios Area”, today a symbol of reforestation in Córdoba. All this within the framework of a project for the Conservation and Reforestation of Las Sierras de Córdoba.

After several years of work on a small scale, Fundación Bosquizar decided to take a leap and move forward with more force, they decided to become a legal entity in this way The Bosquizar Foundation was born. They maintained and reaffirmed the same convictions that brought them together in 1998.

Fundación Bosquizar goals are to contribute to the conservation of biological diversity, placing emphasis on the management and restoration of Ecosystems, generating spaces for participation, education and appropriation of them.





Fundación Bosquizar: How is the conservation of Polylepis forests helping Córdoba and why is this important work?

The mismanagement of the Polylepis forest in Córdoba (the only forest-forming tree in our large mountain ranges) has led it to seclude itself in small patches or islands, reducing its natural capacities and ecosystem services. The plant cover and more the tree cover contribute to reducing soil erosion, favouring sponginess a characteristic of these forests that allows them to retain water managing so our water resources, a scarce resource in our province. The forest also acts as a very important landscape resource and as a safeguard of many unique species in the world.


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