Acción Andina is an initiative implemented by ECOAN and Global Forest Generation, for the restoration of ecosystems in the Andes throughout South America. Our team is made up of specialists in reforestation and native trees.

Executive team

This initiative would not have been possible without the vision of our founders, we invite you to learn more about them.

Constantino Aucca

Acción Andina President & Co-founder


Biologist by the UNSAAC, researcher associated to the ornithological department of the Museum of Natural History - UNMSM. Since his youth he has studied Polylepis forests and their fauna in various regions of Peru and South America, has led biological expeditions in Andean and Amazonian ecosystems. He specializes in the development of sustainable conservation projects with local communities.


High-level representation and coordination with local partners and governments. Design and execution of scaling and governance strategies.

Florent Kaiser

Global Forest Generation (GFG) CEO


Florent is a passionate conservation entrepreneur on a mission to implement effective solutions to scale up restoration and protection of the world's forest ecosystems. He is on the Advisory Board of the World Economic Forum's Trillion Tree Campaign. As a member of the Board of the Global Partnership for Landscape Restoration, Florent represents GFG's work with catalytic on-the-ground implementers.


Responsible for overall strategy and fundraising for GFG's initiatives, including Accion Andina. In partnership with the executive team of Acción Andina, Florent represents the initiative internationally at high level events and coordinates partnership opportunities with large, multi-national funding organizations.

Leslie Danoff

Acción Andina Co-founder & Senior advisor


Leslie was the founding COO of Global Forest Generation. As a prior Board Director at Rainforest Trust, she helped protect millions of acres of threatened forest in South America’s Amazon and Andes as well as in Africa and Asia.


Co-Founded Global Forest Generation and the Acción Andina Initiative. Advises the organization in long term strategy, growth trajectory, fundraising, communications and conservation.

Acción Andina team

Meet some of the team in charge of carrying out Acción Andina's restoration, conservation and communication operations.

Adrián Torres

Acción Andina Program Director


Biologist specialized in botany at UNMSM, and researcher at the Department of Ecology of the Museum of Natural History "Javier Prado" - UNMSM. He specializes in Andean-Amazonian ecosystems, plant-animal interactions and conservation project management. He is also a scientific illustrator and naturalist.


Development and oversight of project lifecycle, including high-level coordination. Participate in the design and execution of scaling and development strategies.

Ani Luna

Acción Andina Project Manager


Biologist with a B.Sc. in Molecular Science at the University of Hamburg (Germany) and Master in Environmental and Resource Management at VU Amstenrdan, she is specialized in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. She has experience in environmental education and mangrove restoration.


Project supervision, including review of reports, metrics and field visits. Participate in the design of conservation projects and strategies.

Jean Pierre Salguero

Acción Andina Comunications Officer


Communicator, specializing in digital marketing and data science, has experience in integrated digital communication strategies and has worked developing graphic pieces for non-profit organizations, lives in Lima.


Integral coordination of the organization's communication, participates in the design and execution of promotion and socialization strategies.

Beto Cruz Apaza

Acción Andina Projects Supervisor


Environmental Engineer and Official Tourism Guide with 15 years of experience in implementing environmental projects, rural development, and watershed management in Quechua communities in the Andes.


Supervision of projects, including review of reports, metrics, and field visits. Participate in the design of projects and conservation strategies.

Darwin Miranda

Acción Andina SIG Analyst


Biologist specialized in ornithology and geographic information systems from UNSAAC, he has experience in the creation of biological conservation areas and biodiversity inventories.


Preparation and review of maps and GIS resources, metrics analysis and monitoring.

Ana Vaneza Hurtado

Acción Andina Accountant


Public accountant and technical studies in computer science with experience in humanitarian development projects. She is passionate about being part of working groups that contribute to the common good and sustainability of the planet.


Registration of documentation and accounting review of projects under execution.

Ramiro Yabar

Acción Andina Finance Officer


Ramiro grew up in the Manu reserve, managing a family ECOLODGE. Economist from UNSAAC, with further studies in Planning and Development at the Institute of Social Studies in Holland, and a Master in Social Processes and Globalization at the University of Pais Vasco in Spain.


Financial analysis of projects, including cash flows and projections. Participate in the design of development and scaling projects.

Global Forest Generation advisory team

As the lead strategic organization of Acción Andina, the team at GFG is responsible for planning long term fundraising, communications, and conservation programs for the initiative.

Abby Phillips Metzger

GFG Comunications Director


Abby Phillips Metzger is an environmental communicator and author with 15 years of experience. She has worked in higher education, journalism, book publishing and environmental education prior to joining GFG. Abby holds an honors bachelor’s degree in English (Spanish minor) and a master’s in environmental sciences.


Devlops and executes the overall communications and marketing strategy for Global Forest Generation and it's initiatives, including Acción Andina. Collaborates with the Acción Andina communications team to produce creative content that promotes the organization regionally and internationally.

Ana Allen

GFG Development Manager


Anna has eight years of project management and operations experience in non-profits and businesses in Latin America and Europe, and currently resides in Mexico.


Responsible for securing large funding contracts for all Global Forest Generation Initiatives, including Acción Andina. Manages relationships with donor partners, develops proposals for contracts, and sources new potential fundraising opportunities.

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